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  • Elenco Processori di pagamento

    Ho trovato questo elenco di processori di pagamento che riproduco qui:

    List of Online Payment Processors

    * This is a stub and requires expansion.

    • Avangate
    • BMT Micro
    • FastSpring
    • Digital River
    • e-junkie
    • Plimus
    • ClickBank
    • Commission Junction
    • Kagi
    • 2Checkout (2CO)
    • WorldPay
    • PayPal
    • Google Checkout
    • Paysimple

    Payment Processors in the Digital River Network:

    • CCNow
    • Element5
    • eMetrix
    • eSellerate
    • FreeMerchant
    • GlobalTech
    • RegNet
    • RegNow
    • share*it!
    • SWReg (read this warning before signing on with SWReg, or anyone in the Digital River family)

    Most payment processors charge a percentage of your software sale per transaction. This can range based on the services they provide and the level of customization they give. These rates range from 2.5% (the cost for a credit card transaction) to 15%. Many of these services provide secondary tools. Here are the core services you can use to compare services:

    • Cost per transaction
    • Supported integration paths (software integration, web integration)
    • Accepted credit cards
    • Available languages and currencies
    • Handling sales taxes such as VAT
    • Ease of customization to get a seamless experience from your website to your store and back
    • Ability to print and ship CDs on demand
    • Size and success of an affiliate network
    • Deals and partnerships with distributors

    Designing your own online store is also an option and there are many services that will allow you to accept a credit cards directly through your site. Processing your own credit cards gives you the most control over your customer data but may be a larger burden for smaller companies. Read this article: "5 Issues to Consider when Choosing Between In-House and Outsourced Payment Provider" here.

    Qual'è il migliore tra questi?

    Ne conoscete qualcuno alternativo a questi e migliore (che non scambia)?

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    Originariamente Scritto da ramonz Visualizza Messaggio
    Ne conoscete qualcuno alternativo a questi e migliore (che non scambia)?
    I processori di pagamento sono al 99% istituti finanziare, non banche....

    per il resto non c'è un "migliore". dipende da che business fai, che volumi, e un sacco di altre cose...